Advanced Pain Therapies
What Is Vertebroplasty?

Vertebroplasty provides new hope for those suffering from severe back pain caused by osteoporosis or metastatic tumors. These conditions can cause bones to become brittle, resulting in weakened vertebra. Once this happens, the smallest activity can cause these vertebrae to collapse. These vertebral compression fractures cause extreme pain, which limits the possibility of normal movement or simple activities.

In the past, people who had compression fractures were provided with three treatment options: pain medications, bed rest and external bracing. While these conservative choices are still the first choice for reducing discomfort, if severe pain persists, patients can now be referred to a specially trained physician to see if Vertebroplasty will work for them.

Immediate Pain Relief-Minimally Invasive

Vertebroplasty stabilizes the collapsed vertebra using a specially formulated acrylic bone cement. It is a typically outpatient procedure (no hospitalization, no surgery) and requires only a local anesthetic. Once the area of the spine is numb, the doctor inserts one or two needles through a small incision. Most patients experience pain relief within hours. Best of all, patients are able to resume their daily activities within 48 hours.